Project M is an emotional branding consultancy aimed at startups and middle size companies. Applying the concept of archetypes, the work is tailored to develop meaningful brands, with engaging motivation and clear mindset, unveiled in strategic positioning, marketing & visual communication plans.

The services tackle these 3 pillars:

  • Motivation: to identify the emotions and feelings driving the brand
  • Meaning: to create a unique purpose through the application of archetypes
  • Mindset: to translate and develop the meaning into tangible, visual elements known as the brand codes

Archetypes are timeless, cross-cultural symbols that are part of our collective unconscious and create instant identification.  They unite image + emotion, working like a compass, always pointing to the brand’s north.

The benefits of their application include:

For customers: a clearer brand image, leading to stronger engagement between the consumer and the brand.

For companies: by identifying the deep human truth underlying the brand, they understand who they really are, giving meaning to all aspects of the business and providing a consistent, long-run plan to rely on.

Get in contact: mirela@projectmlondon.com