Stay True to Your (Brand’s) Heart

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December is here and we know what it means: year review and goals for the next one. Maybe you haven’t had the time to think about it yet, or is planning to do it only after Christmas or early January.

Regardless of your timing, it is tempting to look at the latest market trends and try to justify adopting one or two “just because”. Of course, some are here to stay and we all should incorporate it. Case in point: sustainability and social responsibility. However, if, for example, you are looking into the frenzy for clothing rental or resale websites that seem to promise the most stylish pieces or rarest vintage findings like it is the easiest thing to operate, take a deep breath and pause.

If you want to make changes or is thinking that is about time to have your own business and those (and any other) opportunities look promising, first ask yourself if you are willing to do it because you really believe in it. If the answer is yes, move on to do some market research, evaluate your competition and work on your business model, target audience and USP. If not, keep searching for a purpose that truly inspires and motivates. Don’t be afraid to show why you are passionate about it and find people (=customers) to share this passion with.

Trends come and go and businesses should adapt to them. But brands that pass the test of time learn how to use them to their benefit. They lead, don’t follow. They are self-aware and have a crystal clear vision of where they are heading to. It’s like what Coco Chanel used to say: “fashion passes; style remains” (by the way, this is pretty much Chanel’s essence till today). So, if you want to set one single goal for your brand in 2020: stay true to its heart!

PS: since we are talking about trends and closing a decade, remember what was predicted to happen 10 years ago and what exactly went through.

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