Branding Sources: Books and Podcasts

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Here goes a list of books and podcasts that can surely bring some positive ideas and help to prepare yourself for the next steps:



  • Brand Builder: people, stories and lessons learned from the most innovative natural food and beverage brands in the world
  • On Brand with Nick Westergaard: a podcast about the art and science of brand building featuring interviews with leaders from a wide range of industries.
  • Business of Story: hosted by Park Howell, each episode brings storytelling professionals that show how to make your story marketing stand out.
  • Where Brain Meets Beauty: host Jodi Katz welcomes guests into an honest conversation about their career journey, from the struggles to the highs of working in the beauty market.
  • The Business of Fashion: needless to say, this one is absolutely essential for fashion professionals!
  • The Glossy: a half-hour chat about how technology is transforming the fashion, luxury and beauty industries with the likes of CEOs and entrepreneurs that are leading the way

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