How to Keep Consumers Engaged

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In today’s overcrowded market, we can agree that brand loyalty is a massive challenge which doesn’t mean you shouldn’t aim to have your consumer engaged at every opportunity.

But…How to do it? First and foremost, be very clear about what the brand is, what it stands for and show that you really care about them. Nothing new here, right? You probably have heard about the importance of being ‘authentic’ at least 100 times and it’s not rocket science to portray a relatable image. However, the simplest actions can be also the trickiest ones, so to make things easier; here goes a list of ideas to attract, entertain and make a difference with your beloved customers:

– The social in social media channels means you can have a direct conversation and should use as an open channel to check their reactions about everything: collections, products, customer service etc. Ask for suggestions, check if they are enjoying the purchases and reply all messages. Even when the feedback is negative, use it to evaluate what can be improved or changed.

– Be ahead of your consumer’s needs: anticipate seasonal needs (not in a ‘Floral? For spring? Groundbreaking’ way but in a way that surprises and show that you understand them. It may be a collaboration with other brand that makes an accessory that compliments your clothes offer, for example, or even a service that matches their lifestyle. Anything that meets convenience and care with a little charm is always very much appreciated.

– Speaking of social media and collaborations, make consumers feel like they are part of the creative process. Make polls on Instagram Stories and ask for their opinion about colours and shapes for the new collection, for instance. Or embrace UGC as a tool to build a community around the business.

– Showing the human side can be a great idea, if the brand embraces it. The recent John Lewis & Partners campaigns reinforce the notion that everybody matters by showing the people behind different departments.

– Moreover, show your creative process, how the products are made and your supply chain. If you advocate for sustainable practices it is imperative to show evidence that you follow ethical guidelines and live by them.

– Special clients need special attention. Your oldest and/or best customers deserve to know they matter. Every now and then treat them with something extra that will surprise and amuse!

– Last but not least: always remember that people don’t buy just a product, they buy other people’s dreams and aspirations! Be kind, be human, be inspiring and treat your consumers as you like to be treated.

Image: Vogue Paris

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