Why We Buy Brands?

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Have you noticed that although there’s no shortage of options to purchase a similar product, we are always inclined to prioritize certain brands? It’s because at the end of the day, we don’t just buy a product, we buy a brand. We buy what it represents and how it will make us feel. It’s an aspirational process about our perceptions, […]

What’s Your Brand Motivation?

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  This is the first question to answer in order to build a meaningful brand, with consistent identity. When you understand what are the emotions and feelings that drive your consumer, the process of brand development becomes simpler and straight-forward. There are 4 great motivational needs we experience throughout our lives, as human-beings and as […]

Archetypes: The Ruler

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Miranda Priestly from ‘The Devil Wears Prada’. Kings and queens. Presidents and prime-ministers. CEOs of traditional companies. The classic boss figure. All of them embody the Ruler archetype. You already understood it symbolises control, leadership, responsibility and status. The main motivation is the willing to put an order in chaos and a desire to bring […]

Archetypes: The Creator

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The Creator is the artist, the inventor, the entrepreneur, the musician, the writer… In any activity where creativity and imagination rule, there is the archetype in action. The goal is simple: to make a vision take shape, which may happen, for example, in a painting, an architecture project, a clothes collection or even in a […]

Archetypes: The Caregiver

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Mother Teresa and Pope Francis. Princess Diana (after the divorce) and Angelina Jolie (after adopting the 1st child and becoming a UN ambassador). What do they have in common? They embody the Caregiver archetype, symbol of altruism, caring and protecting others. The closest association is with mothers and fathers but it is present in any […]

Archetypes: The Lover

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Romance, seduction, luxury and beauty. The Lover is the archetype of pleasure, sophistication, physical and emotional connections. It’s not hard to see that it embodies most of fashion, beauty and luxury brands. Chanel, Dior, Saint Laurent, Versace, Estée Lauder, Lancôme, Revlon, Victoria’s Secret and La Perla are among them. Sensuality and love stories make an immediate […]