Emotional Branding = Motivation + Meaning + Mindset

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We know that the branding process is an emotional one. But unfortunately most of the times we try to rationalise it and forget to focus on a key issue: the motivation behind the brand. What will motivate consumers to buy your product? How do you want them to feel? What emotions and attitudes would you like to be associated with? These are some of the important questions to ask in order to identify what drives your customer.

When the answers are clear, it’s time to define the brand meaning, the essence that will guide every action and makes everyone involved with the business feels like they are in the same page. Finally, the brand needs to develop a mindset or the tangible, easy to recognise codes associated with it (logo, range of products, colours, packaging, tone of voice etc). The process may seem challenging but once you understand the emotions to be tackled, you are ready to build a remarkable and engaging brand. 

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