Brand Mindset. What’s Yours?

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The brand mindset, also known as the brand language, vocabulary or codes, represents how the meaning and motivation are translated into visual, tangible elements. From logo to product range going through colour palette, website  design, packaging and tone of voice, just to name a few, everything the brand makes must be connected to its core values and […]

What’s Your Brand Motivation?

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  This is the first question to answer in order to build a meaningful brand, with consistent identity. When you understand what are the emotions and feelings that drive your consumer, the process of brand development becomes simpler and straight-forward. There are 4 great motivational needs we experience throughout our lives, as human-beings and as […]

Archetypes: The Sage

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The Sage believes that knowledge is never enough. Maybe it is one of the easiest archetypes to define since it is instantly associated with figures such as the professor, the specialist, the researcher, the detective or the “geek”. However, this search for knowledge has a deeper motivation as he thinks only the truth set us […]

Archetypes: The Explorer

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A person that goes on a journey to find his own identity. That’s the perfect translation of the Explorer archetype. Freedom, independence and authenticity are amongst the most important values of those who identify with the symbol, besides a great urge for individualism and to be ‘himself’. The Explorer loathes the idea of conformity, of […]

Archetypes: The Innocent

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Starting this week, I will talk about each of the 12 archetypes and their application to the fashion and beauty industries. Let’s begin with the Innocent! The Innocent is the optimist who believes in kindness, in the beauty of dreams and that everything always turns out fine. He is hopeful and aspire to live in […]

Archetypes: How to Use – Part 2

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In the last post, I talked about methodologies of archetype application and why I believe it’s better than traditional methods of brand identity building. If you have read about Chanel, Alexander McQueen, Ralph Lauren etc. and their respective archetypes (Lover, Creator, Ruler), must be wondering: what it means? So let’s go for it! Margaret Mark […]