Archetypes: The Innocent

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Starting this week, I will talk about each of the 12 archetypes and their application to the fashion and beauty industries. Let’s begin with the Innocent!

The Innocent is the optimist who believes in kindness, in the beauty of dreams and that everything always turns out fine. He is hopeful and aspire to live in a perfect world, with a perfect house, partner and children. In other words, his basic desire is to find Paradise.

Nevertheless, in these troubled times, paradise seems to be even further whilst our lives are in fast-forward mode, with technology interfering in all aspects of our existence – from the way we work to how we handle relationships. It is not hard to realise that those who identify with it are feeling empty, abandoned and exhausted, thus, they are longing for tools to keep optimism and innocence active.

In this sense, brands that appeal to the kindness, morality, simplicity, nostalgia and childhood, and companies who value ethics and sustainability are prone to have a high connection and engagement with Innocents. From organic products to craftsmanship and local producers, everything that surrounds tradition and an idyllic past echoes with the archetype. If you are thinking about brands that pride themselves to be sustainable, like Stella McCartney and Edun, and are manufactured using as many natural ingredients as possible, like Burt’s Bees and Neal’s Yard, you are right! They are all examples of the Innocent, in different levels.

An Innocent brand expresses optimism and ethics (not only related to environmental causes) and can also invest in the craftsmanship aspect of a product, recover traditional manufacture techniques or make nostalgic connections with infancy (observe how Stella’s ads have childhood elements, from Disney characters to lettering) to ignite a feeling of safety in the consumers’ minds. Soft colours, clean lines and a visual communication that brings peace and tranquillity are other effective resources.

Keep in mind, though, that nothing will work if the archetype’s attributes are not truly linked to the brand’s values, and if tangible actions aren’t made to awake the client’s sense of comfort and recognition. The contemporary Innocent is smart and sceptical, but haven’t stopped dreaming, after all, innocence is not about reality but keeping hope alive!

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