Archetypes: The Ruler

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Miranda Priestly from ‘The Devil Wears Prada’. Kings and queens. Presidents and prime-ministers. CEOs of traditional companies. The classic boss figure. All of them embody the Ruler archetype. You already understood it symbolises control, leadership, responsibility and status. The main motivation is the willing to put an order in chaos and a desire to bring […]

Who’s Who: Orlando Pita

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Orlando Pita is a kind of hair rock star. The Cuban born stylist can be easily seen at the backstage of the most sought after fashion shows and signing editorials for Vogue, Allure, W… From classic hairdos to the more elaborate ones, going through extensions and wigs, nothing is impossible to him. That’s why, many […]

Archetypes: The Creator

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The Creator is the artist, the inventor, the entrepreneur, the musician, the writer… In any activity where creativity and imagination rule, there is the archetype in action. The goal is simple: to make a vision take shape, which may happen, for example, in a painting, an architecture project, a clothes collection or even in a […]

Archetypes: The Caregiver

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Mother Teresa and Pope Francis. Princess Diana (after the divorce) and Angelina Jolie (after adopting the 1st child and becoming a UN ambassador). What do they have in common? They embody the Caregiver archetype, symbol of altruism, caring and protecting others. The closest association is with mothers and fathers but it is present in any […]

Brands We Love: NARS

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When we think about NARS, immediately comes to mind a ton of different colours in sophisticated, minimalist packages, bold ads and cult products. But, did you know that the company started with a simple lipstick range? Back in 1994, makeup artist François Nars created the line for Barneys and it was an instant hit. Soon […]

Who’s Who: Peter Phillips

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The name Peter Phillips may not ring a bell if you aren’t a beauty expert, but you probably remember Chanel Jade and Particulière nail polishes, don’t you? Well, Peter was the responsible for creating the colours that changed the market forever, but long before that, he was working his brushes in a very particular way. […]