Brands We Love: Estée Lauder

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It is hard to think in a cosmetic brand more aspirational than Estée Lauder. The products always come in a luxurious packaging and the campaigns are impossibly glamorous, in the best “American beauty” ideal approach. It all started in 1946, when Estée (born Josephine Esther Mentzer and daughter of Hungarian and Czech immigrants), and her husband, […]

Archetypes: The Sage

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The Sage believes that knowledge is never enough. Maybe it is one of the easiest archetypes to define since it is instantly associated with figures such as the professor, the specialist, the researcher, the detective or the “geek”. However, this search for knowledge has a deeper motivation as he thinks only the truth set us […]

Entrepreneurial Lessons: AWAYTOMARS

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100% collaborative fashion. This is the goal of AWAYTOMARS, an online platform launched in 2015 by Brazilian economist Alfredo Orobio, focusing on co-creation, crowdfunding and idea sharing. It works like this: you submit an idea (don’t need to be a designer or even have the technical skills!) and receives feedback from the registered community, free […]

Archetypes: The Explorer

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A person that goes on a journey to find his own identity. That’s the perfect translation of the Explorer archetype. Freedom, independence and authenticity are amongst the most important values of those who identify with the symbol, besides a great urge for individualism and to be ‘himself’. The Explorer loathes the idea of conformity, of […]

Wings of Desire

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Who never dreamed about opening their wings and just fly around? Since this is a wish that (still) can’t be true, be inspired by some accessories that awake our inner Icarus… From left to right: ring Stephen Webster, sandals Sophia Webster, ear rings Noor Fares, sandals Christian Louboutin,  sunglasses Jeremy Scott  and flats Ancient Greek Sandals 

Who’s Who: Ted Gibson

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If you have ever seen the American version of “What not to Wear”, probably knows Ted Gibson. He was responsible for some radical makeovers on the show but the lovely and funny hair stylist has an even more impressive portfolio: besides taking care of the looks of celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, […]

Archetypes: The Innocent

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Starting this week, I will talk about each of the 12 archetypes and their application to the fashion and beauty industries. Let’s begin with the Innocent! The Innocent is the optimist who believes in kindness, in the beauty of dreams and that everything always turns out fine. He is hopeful and aspire to live in […]