Time for a Change: Modalogia is now Project M

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If you were looking for Modalogia but saw a different logo on the top, I can explain: Modalogia is now Project M!

When I reactivated this blog last year, I was in doubt about keeping the name since it’s really hard to pronounce in English. Every time I found myself saying to people that moda’ is fashion in Portuguese and logia, logy, so, if fashion were a science it could be Modalogia = Fashionology, I thought it was pointless to go on. Furthermore, I felt like it belonged to another era of my professional life.

Then, after months searching for a name in English that also resonates in Portuguese, I concluded that Project M (yes, M stands for Mirela) was perfect to translate this new moment in my career and personal life. The blog subjects haven’t changed, thus posts are still about fashion, beauty, branding and my life in London (a reason to have the city name in the blog url: and soon I’ll publish a new page with my consulting services. All social media are already changed, with updated links on the top of the page, so it’s all good to go… Project M here I come!

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