Entrepreneurial Lessons: Mermaid Stories

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Mermaid Stories was founded by Victoria Weber in Copenhagen, in 2016, with a simple yet whimsical idea: to unite the Scandinavian minimalist aesthetic with some magic, seen in the well- crafted details, like the imprinted mermaid on the back of each watch and the natural coloured pearls in the jewellery. In this interview, the team at […]

Entrepreneurial Lessons: Carolyn Newman, Hair Colour and Education Consultant

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Carolyn Newman loves the technical aspect of hair colouring but she also loves educating young hairdressers about the science and art of applying hair colour, so after 25 years in the salon business, working for Charles Worthington and L’Oréal Professionnel, she decided to unite her expertise to create her own colour and education consultancy. Here […]

How to Balance the Emotional and Rational Sides in Brand Building

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We have already talked about why branding is an emotional process. Since it is designed to tackle specific emotions, it’s imperative to understand the motivation and meaning behind the brand. But in the process of building a business, the balance between the rational and the emotional sides is the pathway to succeed. The journey usually begins […]