How to Balance the Emotional and Rational Sides in Brand Building

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We have already talked about why branding is an emotional process. Since it is designed to tackle specific emotions, it’s imperative to understand the motivation and meaning behind the brand. But in the process of building a business, the balance between the rational and the emotional sides is the pathway to succeed.

The journey usually begins with a concept that may be the key to the brand motivation (the emotions  and feelings you want to address) and will lead to the brand meaning (the core archetype that makes it unique). But to turn ideas into reality, you need to develop the rational side, the practical, tangible elements of a business: market research, competitor analysis, product development, sales channels, marketing & communication strategy, financial projections, business plan and so on.

At the end of the day, the two sides of the equation have equal value: without the practical aspects you can’t test your idea and establish a business, but without motivation and meaning, there’s no brand, just a company with a product and no real purpose. So, a match made in brand heaven will always be the combination between passion and logic.

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