Tea Etiquette

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Yes, it’s true, tea is a big part of the British culture and in every social or professional meeting there will be someone asking if you’d like a ‘cuppa’ (the short, cute abbreviation for a cup of tea). In the workplace, coffee may be popular, but tea is still king and I’ve seen people having […]

Dolphin Square: Home Sweet Home

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Housing in London is a major challenge. As I said in the survival guide post rents are expensive, the demand is huge and there’s plenty of traps. When we were planning our move, initial searches were totally discouraging. But then, whilst researching for Dream Spas section I came across the famous urban spa at Dolphin Square (which is a […]

I’m Back…

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I write this post exactly 3 weeks after submitting my master dissertation and 1 week after coming back from Brazil to see my family. Whilst I was planning life after my MA course and how to get a job in fashion branding, working with the subject of my research – archetypes, a desire to get […]