In Search of a (New) Style

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I totally believe that the way we dress reflect our personality. Back in Brazil, I was a lecturer in many Personal Style workshops and learned the tools to build one.  Throughout the years I learned what flatters my body type and how to use trends in my favour, going for some and ignoring others. In general, I was pretty happy with my style and with most of the outfits in my closet.

Nevertheless, I knew that my style would have to change when I moved to London. First of all, the weather requires different clothes, but furthermore, I wanted my looks to be a reflection of this new personal and professional moment in my life. A lot of pieces were either donated or sold in Brazilian thrift stores and my suitcases came with a very well thought selection of pieces (ok, some tops and dresses can be worn for only a few weeks in a year but still have an emotional value!).

So, before buying anything new, I created a wish list of what was worth having in the closet, and gathered some references to help in the process (go Pinterest!)  The result was 10 basic but versatile pieces that reflect my style:

– Black skirts: in the plural because I have models made with lighter and warmer fabrics, shorter, midi length, pencil, pleated, A line….

– A line dresses: floral-printed and sundresses are practically impossible to wear here, but the structured ones, in A line shape, just over the knees, are my favourites.

– Jumpers: one of the most worn items. Some are in neutral colours, like grey and black, but I’d rather invest in bright colours and cheer up an outfit!

– Plaid shirts: the grunge version stayed in the 90s as my current models are more fitted and great to wear under a jumper, with leggings + boots or ballerinas.

Leggings: speaking of leggings, I stock them since I don’t wear jeans (only have 2 pairs and one of them I can’t even remember the last time I wore). And they must be black.

– Leather jacket: the motorcycle style, fitted and cropped. Mine is black, with a detachable fur trim, but I’m considering purchasing a second one, just in case.

– 60s Coats: as in the skirts and dresses, I like coats with an A line, big buttons or a zipper, the typical ‘mod’ style from the 60s. Besides the 2 black and 2 grey that I wear the most, I have a shorter model in red and one in Royal blue to break the winter mood.

– Scarves: must confess I had no interest in them but had to change my mind as they warm up the neck area – and can be very stylish as well. Almost all of them are in cashmere or wool, but I guess the silk and cotton gauze ones are great for mid-season temperatures.

– Colourful accessories: I love red shoes and bags (but never wear them together) and think that any look is more interesting and less predictable with a hint of colour.

– Ankle boot: probably the best investment I made. It has a short heel, a side buckle and is perfect for all seasons!

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