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I write this post exactly 3 weeks after submitting my master dissertation and 1 week after coming back from Brazil to see my family. Whilst I was planning life after my MA course and how to get a job in fashion branding, working with the subject of my research – archetypes, a desire to get back to blogging surged as I realized I’ve been working in digital media for 10 years and even though the dream to be a fashion journalist was left behind in a pre-Instagram era (does anyone still aspire to do it?), my passion for writing never faded.

I stopped updating Modalogia because, basically, what was the point to keep up with a blog from a company that no longer exists (I had a fashion marketing consulting in Brazil but closed its activities last year). Nevertheless, all the experiences I had in London in these past 18 months gave me a huge desire to share thoughts on a lot of issues: branding, the fashion industry, consumption, career and also less serious things as my new beauty routines, search for a new style, products and brands I discovered, my favourite places in the English capital…

Little by little, I started looking for references and organizing how to put everything in the same place in a coherent, easy to navigate way. After many themes, fonts, layouts and colour tests, plus how to divide sections and categories, here is Modalogia 3.0 (because 2.0 is history!), now available in English as well! I hope you like it!

To jump right in, just click on:

Fashion – my impressions about the fashion business, from up and coming designers to established names, to the opportunities to start your own brand, going by some thoughts and questioning about the industry

Beauty – brands that I love, the recent discoveries, dream spas, beauty dilemmas…

Branding – this section is dedicated to case analysis and to discuss my work on archetype branding focused on the fashion market.

My London Life – are you moving to London and need some practical advice? Looking for new horizons in your career? There will be plenty of tips about the ups and downs of living in a new country.

Illustration: Artist Residence 

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