What is the Identity of Your Brand?

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What brands like Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Apple, Disney and Chanel have in common? Not just a very clear identity, easy to recognize and adored by consumers. At some point, they understood that a meaningful brand needs to establish emotional engagement with consumers.

When we think about each one of them, memories and feelings are immediately ignited. Coke, for example, is not just a fizzy drink, is a cultural symbol. Starbucks changed forever our concept of ordering coffee. What about an iMac, an iPhone, an iPod and an iPad? Simply gadgets? No way! And Disney’s universe? Characters, toys, movies, theme parks… And many dreams that come true! Since the main subject here is fashion, is there someone who does not admire Coco Chanel? The designer’s life and her legacy remain active in every  detail. Just look at Coco Mademoiselle perfume ad, a great example of how she triumphed in a “men’s world”.

So, here comes the question: how to create this emotional bond with the consumer? The answer lies in a strategic branding, the set of actions that involve the construction and strengthening of the brand in the market, combining marketing, communication and design to define its identity.

Creating this identity is relatively simple, in theory. Just target an audience, create an enticing product, an attractive retail environment and promotion strategies to keep the customer loyal. But none of this works if the core values of the brand are not communicated, or if the “soul” is not clear in consumers’ imagination.

How to do it? The answer is in the following posts.

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