The Nineties Are Back. Seriously?

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There is a theory that says a trend always comes back 20 years later. So, if in the Nineties the Seventies were all the rage and in the 2000s we embraced the Eighties forgiving the bad taste, this decade follows the rules and has been seeing a Nineties redux not only in fashion but in the overall pop culture. Remakes or retakes of TV series (Twin Peaks, The X-Files, the regrettable versions of Beverly Hills 90210 and Melrose Place, made in 2008) and movies (Independence Day sequel is coming soon) and band reunions (Spice Girls, New Kids on the Block, Backstreet Boys) and, of course,  the fashion revival, put the spotlight in the pre-millennium era.

However, what was supposed to make me cheerful (keep in mind that I was a teenager back in the day) just bores me, particularly when I think about the fads. There is nothing cool in rescuing those minimalist looks, filled with neutral tones (grey, beige, “greige”) that don’t flatter anyone. Spaghetti strapped and camisole dresses, mid-length skirts, plush tops with bell sleeves, fishnet shirts, mules, Doc Martens boots, Mary Janes, chokers… Really? Grunge inspired outfits also don’t have any appeal as my fake rebel years are long gone. The only thing that I would consider is the Clueless look (image above), with kilt skirt and knee-high tights. I loved it. Nevertheless, this fancy version of a school uniform is not appropriate after the age of 22.

Oh, there is also the beauty of the decade. Brown lipstick. So dramatic. Nail polish in coffee tones. No way. Eyeliner + white eye shadow. Tacky. The Rachel cut. Please. Finally, every time I look to my eyebrows and realize they are never going to be thick again, thanks to my over plucking, I can only conclude that this revival thing is definitely not for me.

On the other hand, reimagining a decade before your existence will always be cool, so I keep getting inspiration from the Fifties and Sixties!

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