Who’s Who: Ted Gibson

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If you have ever seen the American version of “What not to Wear”, probably knows Ted Gibson. He was responsible for some radical makeovers on the show but the lovely and funny hair stylist has an even more impressive portfolio: besides taking care of the looks of celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Lupita Nyongo and Caitlyn Jenner, he charges $ 1.500 for a haircut at his New York salon. According to him, the investment is worth because you are not only getting an amazing look but Ted’s full customer service: from shampoo to blow dry he will be pampering you for a couple of hours. Yes, everything in life comes with a price…

Besides running the salon on Fifth Ave., Ted has launched different hair brands, the most recent one is a line of styling products called Starring. He also keeps doing some editorials and training at his Academy, where in a series of workshops aspiring hair stylists can learn the tricks of the trade. In his spare time, he lobbies for an Oscar for hairdos, with a little help from his connections in Hollywood.

Not bad for a shy boy who has lived in many cities due to the father’s military duties. When the family finally settled in Texas, after stints in Germany, Hawaii and Japan, he decided to pursue his dream and help making women feel more beautiful! Good for us!

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