Archetypes: The Creator

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The Creator is the artist, the inventor, the entrepreneur, the musician, the writer… In any activity where creativity and imagination rule, there is the archetype in action. The goal is simple: to make a vision take shape, which may happen, for example, in a painting, an architecture project, a clothes collection or even in a new business model.

Of course, the Creator is an archetype intrinsically linked to fashion. Think about Alexander McQueen, John Galliano, Marc Jacobs, Miuccia Prada, Rei Kawakubo and so many others who love to subvert concepts, innovate with textiles or simply promote beauty in an unconventional way. Speaking of it, M.A.C and NARS, with their tons of colours and a good dose of boldness, also embody the archetype.

The Creator is a non-conformist by nature. Even though he doesn’t need to belong in a group, since authenticity and self-expression surpass all, he fears criticism, showing an insecurity that may affect the work. In addition, he can be extremely perfectionist, which may lead to the archetype’s shadow, as perfection doesn’t exist!

The symbol is very active in today’s culture, but in opposite ways. On one hand, we have tech innovations, apps, e-commerces and everything else making our lives easier or helping to express our visions (Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat etc.). On the other, there is an ‘arts & crafts’ trend that invites us to DIY; customization and activities like colouring books that supposedly stimulate creativity in order to relieve stress. In a way or another, the Creator has never been so valued!

Branding wise, it offers almost endless possibilities as long as the brand’s promise is innovation, creation and inquisitiveness. Keep in mind the Creator buys to express itself, not to impress others, so focus on products that show how the client is in control of the creative process and the sky is the limit for his imagination!

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