Brand Mindset. What’s Yours?

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The brand mindset, also known as the brand language, vocabulary or codes, represents how the meaning and motivation are translated into visual, tangible elements. From logo to product range going through colour palette, website  design, packaging and tone of voice, just to name a few, everything the brand makes must be connected to its core values and project the right emotions.

Think about Chanel and the double-C logo, the tweed suit, the pearls, the camellia, the two tone shoes and the 2.55 bag. They not only became classics but are also instantly recognizable elements of the Chanel style: timeless elegance, feminine but never girlie, fierce and confident just like Coco envisioned almost a century ago!

The Tiffany blue box, the Hermès orange packaging, the Lacoste polo shirt, the Clinique mint green and big ‘C’ on the cosmetics bottles… The list goes on and on and illustrate the importance of creating a vision that must be coherent, unique and cherished.

You can start the process with moodboards that include images, fonts, symbols, colour and texture swatches, words, quotes and anything else that translate what you want the brand to communicate. Don’t rush the process because it may take longer than expected and don’t forget to test it with potential consumers before making it official, to be 100% sure that it’s working beautifully!

And if you think only established brands can create a flawless mindset, take a look at what Glossier has made in less than 5 years. Convinced?

Images: Glossier 

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