Brand Mindset. What’s Yours?

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The brand mindset, also known as the brand language, vocabulary or codes, represents how the meaning and motivation are translated into visual, tangible elements. From logo to product range going through colour palette, website  design, packaging and tone of voice, just to name a few, everything the brand makes must be connected to its core values and […]

Who’s Who: Peter Phillips

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The name Peter Phillips may not ring a bell if you aren’t a beauty expert, but you probably remember Chanel Jade and Particulière nail polishes, don’t you? Well, Peter was the responsible for creating the colours that changed the market forever, but long before that, he was working his brushes in a very particular way. […]

Archetypes: The Lover

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Romance, seduction, luxury and beauty. The Lover is the archetype of pleasure, sophistication, physical and emotional connections. It’s not hard to see that it embodies most of fashion, beauty and luxury brands. Chanel, Dior, Saint Laurent, Versace, Estée Lauder, Lancôme, Revlon, Victoria’s Secret and La Perla are among them. Sensuality and love stories make an immediate […]

Vintage Time: Chanel Vamp

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  Long before Jade and Particulière, in fact, long before the madness about nail polish existed, it already had a waiting list. Uma Thurman wore it in “Pulp Fiction” and Madonna chose it for “Take a Bow” video. Chanel Vamp, a wine hue that blends black and red perfectly, is the classic of classics, one […]