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Vintage Time: Chanel Vamp

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Long before Jade and Particulière, in fact, long before the madness about nail polish existed, it already had a waiting list. Uma Thurman wore it in “Pulp Fiction” and Madonna chose it for “Take a Bow” video.

Chanel Vamp, a wine hue that blends black and red perfectly, is the classic of classics, one of those colours that work on all occasions and at all ages. It’s hard to find someone who rejects the nuance.

Launched in 1994, the polish has become one of post-grunge beauty icons of the 90s. It was so successful that Chanel created a lipstick with the same name and other derivative colours: the Very Vamp and Mettalic Vamp.

It was discontinued by the end of the decade, but in 2003 the brand brought it back. With one difference: the twenty-first century Vamp has a light shimmering glare, unlike the original, which had a lacquer finish and now attends by the name Rouge Noir.

Detail: the redesigned Vamp is only sold in the US, while Rouge Noir is available elsewhere. Despite sharing the same number (18), the tones are not very alike (still prefer the Vamp 1994), but at least there is no waiting list to have them in your collection…

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