The Essence of Chanel

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Anyone who knows a little bit of fashion history is aware of Coco Chanel’s trajectory: an orphan girl who was abandoned in a nunnery by her father, she aspired to be a singer, but her skills as seamstress ended up opening the doors to a new and prestigious life, and to change forever the way women dress.

There is no shortage of books and movies about last century’s most important fashion designer as much as rumours and mysteries surrounding her private life, including aristocratic and rich lovers, and even a connection with Nazism. Nevertheless, what really matters is that Gabrielle Chanel built a mythical brand around herself, so powerful that products created decades ago still are desire objects. Who doesn’t want a 2.55 bag or a tweed suit? Even with all the competition, Chanel No 5 keeps its position in the top 10 best-seller fragrances year after year. Of course, Karl Lagerfeld deserves a lot of credit for maintaining Coco’s aura and updating her ‘codes’ for over 30 years. His comprehension is actually the secret of the brand.

At the end of the day, Chanel is so fascinating because of its ability to establish an emotional bond with clients and is flawless in communicating its essence. That’s why it’s an archetypical brand. The Chanel woman is confident, independent and successful. Her sexy-appeal is never obvious and lies in the fact that she can thrive in a man’s world, without letting her femininity go.

All campaigns reinforce these values, as the videos bellow attest showing a romantic and seductive vibe that always put the woman in charge. They are the ones who seduce, just like Gabrielle did! The same pattern can be observed in ad campaigns, as much as in the selection of personalities who embody specific lines and collections (amongst the ambassadors are Alice Dellal, Linda Evangelista, Blake Lively, Claudia Schiffer, Vanessa Paradis and Cara Delevigne).

Every single communication evidences that Lover archetype in its desire to seduce and be attractive. Anyway, many fashion brands do the same, don’t they? The difference here lies in adding the boldness and Coco’s magnetism to those elements – and being loyal to them. The brand’s essence keeps being powerful and distinctive. Just like Chanel No 5!

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