Ralph Lauren: American Royalty

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Ralph Lifshitz grew up in the Bronx, a New York neighbourhood where reality is far from the glamour of the Upper East Side. But it was never an obstacle for him to dream about the lifestyle of traditional WASPs: the beach houses on the outskirts of Boston, Ivy League universities and elite sports such as polo, golf and tennis.

His first contact with fashion was as a sales assistant, selling ties at Brooks Brothers. Shortly after, he decided to launch its own brand and, in 1967, Polo Ralph Lauren was established. Almost 50 years later, the brand is recognized worldwide, has several lines and labels (male, female, child, home, perfumes…) and simply redefined American style with their embroidered polo shirts. The shops and campaigns are an invitation to immerse in that Ivy League world dreamed by Ralph, where everyone is rich and successful. Oh, but it’s not what ads are all about?

Yes, but in the case of Ralph Lauren inspiration and aspiration go together because the designer himself is the greatest example of someone who lives the American dream. One of his biggest concerns is that all brand communications tell an engaging story. In all retail channels, the brand’s values are in every detail: from the Preppy decor to the menu of Ralph’s restaurants, passing by the virtual RL Mag. Add to that the support to sports, philanthropic initiatives, and the Ralph Lauren Center for research and treatment of cancer.

With all this, it is impossible not to think of Ralph as a leader, selling this idea of prestige and achievement through the brand, as if the customer automatically become successful when purchasing it. The combination of control, status and even patriotism are related to the Ruler archetype,  the most suitable symbol to Ralph Lauren. Take a look at these pictures: it’s impossible to avoid a vision of a civilized and prestigious universe, isn’t it?  It’s good to count on Ralph Lauren to keep up with the dream!

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