Entrepreneurial Lessons: Nicky Raby – Coach, Writer and Speaker

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What success means to you? Despite the misleading ‘working from an exotic beach, making a revenue of 6 or 7 figures’ model, most people will agree that loving what you do, being fairly paid and working flexible hours is a pretty reasonable picture, right? Nicky Raby is an advocate of the latter and built her business defending that there’s no size fits all, what matters is being happy with your own version of success.

The life and business coach, writer, speaker, actor, podcaster (‘Dreaming and Doing with Nicky Raby’ regularly features in the top 100 business charts on iTunes) and mum has worked with over 700 clients helping them to define goals, boost confidence, combine skills with interests and develop businesses.

She recently hosted our Business Breakfast event and won the guests’ hearts with her honest, down to earth approach about being an entrepreneur and juggle the challenges of everyday life. We caught up afterwards so I could get more details about her journey.

Project M: What motivated you to launch the brand?
Nicky Raby: Building a personal brand wasn’t really part of my career vocabulary at school and it has definitely been a work in process. I trained as an actor (and still act) but quickly realised I wasn’t going to be comfortable waiting for the phone to ring and for my big break. I knew I had an entrepreneurial spirit and wanted to have a family so I trained to be a life and business coach. Since qualifying I have coached over 700 people and have about 15 different income streams. My coaching tools now expand into writing, speaking and I have a podcast (Dreaming and Doing) which regularly features in the top 100 business podcasts. I have a two year old son so I love that I can design my week and spend lots of time with him but make my work work for me. For the most part it is brilliant, but also quite hectic too 🙂

Project M: What are the biggest challenges you have faced so far?
Nicky Raby: I have faced lots. I am a hard worker and determined but also quite hard on myself and impatient. There are two keys parts to this, firstly the building a business piece…how to market, how to price, how to spend my time, how to define my message and secondly the mindset arm; how to be resilient, how to keep the ‘negative committee’ in check, how boost my confidence when exhausted and up all night with a baby. I don’t want this to sound overwhelming but I have found there are lots of components to building a business – some are not sometimes talked about. However the more you take action, be consistent and overcome adversity, the quicker your reaction time. i.e. years ago a ‘no’ or a set back or rejection would floor me for longer than I would care to admit. These days I have a clear vision, I know what I am building and I need to keep moving forward. 

Project M: What advice would you share with those thinking about creating a business?
Nicky Raby: I would say several things. Go slowly but surely. Not everyone thrives by taking a huge leap/risk. Sometimes ‘leaving the 9-5pm’ can hold a glamorous, empowered picture, but if you are worried about money and feel completely overwhelmed by the tasks ahead, ease into ‘running your own gig’ slowly. Be intuitive, instinctive and really get clear on what you want your business to look like and what your idea of success is. There is zero point in trying to follow the lead of others, if it doesn’t suit your personality and preferred business model. Build relationships and widen your circle. Get clear on how you help people or what your business is about so you can tell people – not in a sleazy way, more in a factual way. Your next customer may be standing in front of you and been looking for what you need. Finally be kind, be generous and surround yourself with people who make you feel good. Not everyone is going to get it, but that’s ok. So many will. Focus on those. Plus do something every day that makes you feel good.

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