Why We Buy Brands?

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Have you noticed that although there’s no shortage of options to purchase a similar product, we are always inclined to prioritize certain brands? It’s because at the end of the day, we don’t just buy a product, we buy a brand. We buy what it represents and how it will make us feel. It’s an aspirational process about our perceptions, desires and needs. So why we try to rationalise something that’s purely emotional?

Coca-Cola it’s the greatest example of how emotions reign supreme in the purchase behaviour. It’s notorious that Coke has lost to Pepsi in many blind taste tests. Nevertheless, Coca-Cola represents happiness, joy, nostalgia, something very familiar that we keep close to our hearts – like the image of Father Christmas they crafted.

When we talk about the brand building process, keep in mind that it’s a balance between the rational – the sales channels, marketing strategy, positioning statement, financial projection and all the actions that turn an idea into a proper business – and the emotional – the purpose, the essence, the why: what will make you unique in the eyes of consumers and employees, what motivates you as a brand?

The emotional part is the key to make your brand stand out, have a purpose and win the consumer’s heart. Archetypes trigger the limbic brain (the area responsible for instinctive reactions) so when you have a brand working on archetypal territory the chances that it touches customers in a much deeper level, with a meaningful, consistent message is significantly higher.

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Image: Daniel Murphy

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