Entrepreneurial Lessons: Mermaid Stories

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Mermaid Stories was founded by Victoria Weber in Copenhagen, in 2016, with a simple yet whimsical idea: to unite the Scandinavian minimalist aesthetic with some magic, seen in the well- crafted details, like the imprinted mermaid on the back of each watch and the natural coloured pearls in the jewellery. In this interview, the team at […]

Wings of Desire

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Who never dreamed about opening their wings and just fly around? Since this is a wish that (still) can’t be true, be inspired by some accessories that awake our inner Icarus… From left to right: ring Stephen Webster, sandals Sophia Webster, ear rings Noor Fares, sandals Christian Louboutin,  sunglasses Jeremy Scott  and flats Ancient Greek Sandals 

Tiffany’s Blue Dreams

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Audrey Hepburn had breakfast looking at its windows and Charlotte (Kristin Davis), in ‘Sex and the City’, set up a situation for a marriage proposal to happen in front of the store, just to have a romantic story to tell to her future grandchildren. Indeed, it’s hard to find something more romantic and dreamy than […]