In the current competitive industry, it is really hard to stand out as a fashion brand and remain consistent through trends that change several times a year.  Mirela’s unique professional approach and engaged personality have helped OMNISS immensely in drawing the map of brand essence and building the core values of communication with customers.  Mirela is not only impressively informed about fashion history, art and culture, but also open-minded, future forward and creative in her approach. Whether you are a start-up that is just laying the foundation and needs supportive and knowledgeable personalized help or an industry veteran navigating around the growing demands of customers in a saturated competitive market,  Mirela would be able to put you on the right track. As a business we have gained better understanding of our strengths and weaknesses, as well as a supportive industry friend who is motivated by a desire to help you succeed.
Asya Ter-Hovakimyan, founder OMNISS

When it comes to fashion marketing and brand development, there are loads of others that talk a good game, but Mirela helps you make it happen.  She worked closely with me on every step to find out my brand identity. Her work is amazing, she engages 100% in everything. Such an amazing person, she was like a coach for me.
When I started my brand, didn’t know what way to go, but Mirela found out all the right ways. Because of her my brand is giving me great results. We still have lots to do, but I know I am in good hands!
Stasa Randall, founder STASA 

We are a new online shoe business, needed to engage in social media but  had no idea where to start. Since Mirela started working with us, our following has grown significantly. Our posts are strong and consistent and really reflect our brand message. She even took the time to show us how to use each platform effectively. If we could, we would  employ her as a full-time member of the team. Would highly recommend her.
Michelle Smith, founder Beach Society UK

Project M allowed Archana Jewellery to be able to identify the heart and soul of the brand through archetypal branding, providing Archana with its differentiation point from others in the same market niche—a truly unique voice that would help us create a deep emotional connection with our audience.
Archana Thani, founder Archana Jewellery

LOVESUT is a multibrand store that sells both British and Brazilian designers. Mirela’s work helped us to truly    understand who is our client and what she desires, making the whole design process easier and generating a very        positive engagement between customers and the brand, which was reflected in the sales results.
Ana Coutinho, owner LOVESUT 

I stumbled across Project M whilst wanting to rebrand my online fashion store. Except, not knowing where to look or how to start. I was looking for an expert in branding and this is what I found here. Mirela had exceeded my expectations with her in-depth knowledge on consumer purchasing behaviour and has helped me to effectively apply this to my fashion store.

Mirela is friendly, enthusiatic, trustworthy, professional and goes the extra mile; not only had she provided clarity and understanding with postioning my business, but also, most importantly, actionable steps to take to drive my business to the next level. With a greater awareness, we have been able to connect with our consumers on a deeper level and increase our engagement instantly. With so much value gained, Merila has enabled me to shift my mindset and representation from a business to a brand.

I highly recommend her expertise!
Thank you and I look forward to another meeting.

Gen, founder of SleekOne