Best of: Red Lipstick

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Everybody has a favourite red lipstick and for a while, mine was Guerlain Rouge G Gigi, a pinkish-red with blue undertones that is perfection. Then, I tried Tom Ford Cherry Lush and it got serious competition. As the name says, the cherry hue is exactly the kind of red I like, and the texture, the lasting effect… Well, you know what I’m talking about, right? Since both are high-end brands, the quality is great but there are some differences. Gigi is creamier and shinier whilst Cherry Lush has a slightly matte finish.

The verdict: they are really good, obviously. The decision about which one to buy/wear is up to personal preferences. If you like a cream finish, Gigi is the one, but if you are more of a matte girl, go for Tom Ford. I choose according to my make-up mood or the occasion (usually matte lipstick for formal/work events). Every now and then I mix both and get a unique colour, which is an extra boost for my self-esteem. After all, there’s nothing like red lipstick to make us more confident!

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