Beauty Dilemmas: Healthy Nails vs. Polish

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I’ve always been crazy about nail polish. Long before the recent polish/nail art fever I already had a respectable collection that occupied an entire drawer (today it’s been heavily edited). I also learned to DYI at 14 just because I have no patience to schedule appointments and wait at the salon. Besides, the fun of mixing polishes and creating new colours was also very entertaining, although there are so many options in the market right now that is not worth trying anymore, I guess.

That being sad, my problem is not about the assortment of polishes, but how they damage my nails. Basically, they make them peel and break all the time. I have tried all kinds of base coats, fortifying oils and many hypoallergenic polishes. Nothing works. I heard wonders about a product called Herôme but I honestly can’t be bothered to try anything else.

Then, about a month ago I decided to go polish-free for a while and see what happens. Well, my nails have never been better. No peeling, no breakage, no dry, brittle aspect, just regular, healthy, stronger nails. Every few days I massage Essie Apricot Oil on the cuticles and continue to apply hand cream every night before bed. And save at least one hour every week not manicuring. Amazing. Of course I miss looking at my coloured fingertips and the fun of choosing a polish according to my mood. Maybe eventually I’ll start doing it every now and then or at least when I have an important meeting or social event to attend, but for now I’m sure my nails are thanking me to let them be free!

Meanwhile, if you know about a miracle product that actually works, please share!

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