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Dream Spas: Aire Ancient Baths, New York

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A spa that makes you feel like travelling back in time. That’s the idea behind Aire Ancient Baths, a space that recreates the tradition of public baths. By looking at the pictures, it is easy to tell that the whole environment was thought to offer a relaxing, reinvigorating experience just like the Greeks and Romans had back in the day, only this time you are in the middle of Manhattan, more specifically in TriBeCa (there are other units in Spain and soon in Chicago and Paris).

Of course, the thermal pools, in different temperatures, are the main reason to check in at Aire and indulge in a lukewarm, hot or cold bath followed by, maybe, a sauna session, a massage, a yoga class or a special therapy in a salty pool. Is there a better recipe to deal with the craziness of NYC? If you have more time to spare, try one of the half-day packages like the red wine or olive oil rituals, that include baths, exfoliations, massages and a 90-minute thermal session. After a few hours, you can’t help but feel like you really was transported… to another (relaxing) dimension!

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