Can’t Live Without: Clay Mask

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It is simple and has amazing results. The green clay mask is a hit to absorb excessive oil, reduce the appearance of pores and even exfoliate. All it takes is a tablespoon of clay, some filtered or mineral water and you are ready to go!

Back in Brazil, because of the humidity and the heat, I used to do it weekly, but here in London I can do it every fortnight or even once a month as my skin is much less oily. I have heard that the minerals in the green clay help brighten up and prevent the signs of aging, which I don’t know if it’s true.  Overall, I feel like it improves the texture and has a deep cleaning effect. I also heard that white clay has moisturising properties whilst the pink one is good to relieve redness in sensitive skin types. I haven’t tried yet, but they are definitely on my wish list.

Important notice: don’t wait until the mask is completely dried out to rinse it. The right time to remove it is when the clay is still humid and haven’t changed for a dark green colour, otherwise it can be irritating, which is completely unnecessary. After rinsing with cold water, choose a good moisturizer to enhance the benefits and chill out a little!

To find a good quality clay, search stores like Whole Foods, Naturally Thinking, Wellbeing Network and Planet Organic

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