Can’t Live Without: Hair Oil

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Until a few years ago the idea of putting oil in the hair included a vision of greasy, flat strands. Thanks for the success of Moroccanoil and all the technology and research, we are now happy oil users and there’s no shortage of options to choose from at your nearest pharmacy.

For a while, my favourites were the aforementioned Moroccanoil and L’Oréal Extraordinary Oil, which is still in my bathroom. Recently, I discovered OGX Weightless Oil Mist B5 but, as I told here, my dilemma with London water requests more serious actions in order to achieve silky, smooth hair. So, now I’m investing in the real deal with pure organic oils applied as a pre-shampoo mask. First of all: castor oil in the scalp to stimulate growth. I usually apply at bedtime or in the morning, before going to the gym. On the tips, I mix argan, jojoba, marula, macadamia, coconut and avocado oils  plus vitamin E. It’s great to leave the hair shinier and smoother but obviously I can’t apply to dry hair and go out because it gives that greasy effect. My challenge is to find a way to make the mix provide the benefits without the side effects of the oil. Any suggestions?

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