Beauty Dilemmas: Dark Spots

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It works more or less like this: one day you wake up, look in the mirror and find out there is a spot on your face that didn’t exist until yesterday. Yes, it sucks. The infamous melasma comes out of nowhere but can take forever to go away. The catalysts are well known: hormonal changes, sun exposure without protection, use of birth control pills, etc. Getting rid of them is a hard task and, unfortunately, not 100% guaranteed. The most common treatments include ingredients like retinol, vitamin C, azelaic acid, arbutin and hydroquinone (although this last one is controversial and banned on EU countries). And, of course, there is no shortage of peelings and lasers to try at the dermatologist’s office, which are quite effective but also quite expensive…

Anyway, beyond the usual suspects there is one that you can’t escape: aging. As we get older, the skin’s ability to regenerate slows down and the side effects of those holidays baking in the sun as a child or teenager are literally exposed with the surge of dark spots and uneven skin tone. That’s why sunscreen is still the best tool to prevent aging signs! I’ve been bothered with spots for a couple of years and have tried all the aforementioned substances with some good results, but no miracles. My current beauty regimen includes the application of 2% retinoid, vitamin C, alpha arbutin (all from The Ordinary) and azelaic acid from a prescription that I got from my dermatologist back in Brazil. I alternate them and like the way they work, with noticeable brightening of some of the dark spots. Nonetheless, I’m realistic that I will only get the results I want with clinical treatments – and once I get it, I promise to tell all about it!

Ps: the pictures above are a sweet reminder that dark spots can be cute, in some cases…

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