Best of Hair Serums: John Frieda Frizz Ease and Living Proof Satin

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Hair serum is one of those products that I just can’t live without, especially here in London with this evil hard water and crazy weather… Actually, unless the hair is too thin or too oily, I believe it must be a staple in everyone’s bathroom cabinet

John Frieda Frizz Ease has been part of my life for at least 15 years and never disappointed. No wonder it is a hit all over the world. With or without a blow out, it smooths, gives shine and eliminates the frizz. Amazing. Lately, I’ve been going straight to the even better Extra-Strength 6 Effects formula (in the picture above).

Then, in 2013 I was introduced to Living Proof Satin, after reading reviews saying the product was not only great but also silicone-free thanks to a breakthrough technology (I just love when tech meets beauty). And it is indeed very good, has a great smell and adds so much shine to the hair…

The verdict: for a lasting effect and smoothness I vote for Frizz Ease. On the other hand, the fact that Satin has no silicone leaves the hair a little bit more ‘flowing’  but you can’t over apply it otherwise the shiny effect turns into oily effect! Adding the value for money issue, Frizz Ease, which costs an average of £ 6 while Satin’s price is around £25, is my overall winner.

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