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Oh, Benefit and its little products that make us happier! A quick look at the high-spirited campaigns is enough to covet one of the funny named makeup items. My first purchase was, unsurprisingly, the Benetint more than 10 years ago, I guess, and since then, I became a fan of the High Beam and Watt’s Up highlighters, the Hello Flawless compact powder, the They’re Real mascara and a few other stains (Sum BeamChaCha Tint and Posie Tint).

Now, let’s talk about the geniuses behind the brand. Benefit was founded by twin sisters Jean and Jane Ford in San Francisco, back in 1976, with the name ‘The Face Place’. The original idea was to offer products that quickly solve some of the main beauty dilemmas and the first one was a stain to ‘paint’ the nipples of an exotic dancer. That’s how the internationally acclaimed Rose Tint, now Benetint, was born! The brand name was changed in 1989 when it started selling in American department stores.

In the 1990s, Benetint went global and was acquired by LVMH (also owner of Sephora), which accelerated the market expansion. Even though they don’t own the brand anymore, the sisters keep the role of creative directors and have Jean’s daughters, Maggie and Anne, on board to help on product ideas and marketing strategies.

If you are a fan, must noticed that everything that Benefit promotes are embedded in a funny, cute and ironic message, that mixes vintage/pin-ups references with witty slogans to cheer us up, after all, “Laughter is the best cosmetic”.

Ps1: if you are in London this summer, don’t miss the Good Ship Benefit at Victoria Embankment and spend some time in the beauty parlour or having dinner and cocktails with friends!

Ps2: By the end of the month, a whole new line of brow products will be launched. With 9 items for different concerns, we can understand why Benefit is an authority in brows!

My favourites


Hello Flawless 


They’re Real Mascara 


Instant Brow Pencil 


High Beam


Watt’s Up


The POREfessional 

Benefit 401

Dandelion Brightening Face Powder 

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