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Dream Spas: Amanyara, Turks & Caicos

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You know that image of a Caribbean resort, surrounded by the turquoise sea, serenity and luxury? Well, Amanyara is the answer for all that! Starting with the name (aman = peace in Sanscrit and yara = place in the Arawak native language), the hotel located in Turks & Caicos is worth the title of tropical paradise.

With an impressive main building facing the ocean and a few pavilions integrated in the luscious nature, the suites and villas seem to float over the pools. The spa, of course, is a dream. The Flotation Treatment, for example, is a water-based treatment to release tension and balances the mind whilst the Sun Salutation uses local coconut oil and sea salt to an exfoliation followed by a massage with sandalwood, an aloe vera body wrap and a facial massage with rose crystals. Wow!

You can also experience yoga and Pilates classes in an open door space, scuba diving, kayaking, hiking or just lay down on the beach and pinch yourself to be sure you are not dreaming…

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