Dream Spas: Andaz Maui, Hawaii

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Hawaii is definitely on my bucket list, needless to explain why. On the other hand, I loathe the idea of staying in those impersonal mega resorts with thousands of suites and crowds disputing a place by the pool. That’s the reason Andaz Maui, a hotel with all the amenities minus the predictable clichés, is one of my possible choices: no Hawaiian dancing or those annoying tourist shows/traps. As soon as you step into the lobby, the feeling of a super comfortable, pampering service is there, however the ostentation is not.

If you are looking for extra privacy there is the option of renting a villa or a suite with a pool. Speaking of it, there are four of them to lounge after enjoying the white sands of Mokapu beach…

Of course, nobody should go back without trying at least one therapy at the ‘Āwili spa. Following sustainable practices, if offers treatments made with natural ingredients and fragrances created with the help of an in-house apothecary consultant. Your customised formula is filed for a next visit or delivered to your house whenever needed! Choose from a range of massages, exfoliations, wraps and facials that are a little piece of heaven on earth…

People say that the biggest risk of going to Hawaii is never wanting to leave. In a place like Andaz, the probability is significantly improved!

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