Entrepreneurial Lessons: Emilie Le,  Founder of Luckyface

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You probably have heard about Korean beauty and its wonderful products, but if you live in the UK finding a place specialised in KBeauty that also guides the consumer on what to purchase is not easy. Until now! Luckyface, the KBeauty e-tail founded by Emilie Le curates the best products in a way that you can discover and try different skincare essentials.

In this interview, Emilie talks about the importance of building a business around a problem-solving question, how to filter all the feedback you get and how to develop a startup mindset.

Project M: What motivated you to launch the brand?
Emilie Le: I really loved KBeauty and what it did for my skin but I couldn’t easily find it in the British high street. That’s why I wanted to launch my beauty brand, Luckyface which allows people to easily buy KBeauty in the UK.

The other reason that motivated me was creating something that would help people try out KBeauty without any commitments. I curate the best of Korean skincare in beauty boxes and I thought these beauty starter kits were something that I would have liked myself when I was starting my own KBeauty journey so that’s why I created it.

Project M: What are the biggest challenges you have faced so far?
Emilie Le: Managing my workload has been quite challenging because there’s so much to be done in a startup. Sometimes I might be so focused on marketing or branding and then I’ll feel guilty because I’m neglecting the logistics and operations side of the business.

I think the really early stages of the startup were quite challenging too because the brand was just developing and it wasn’t really defined as a brand yet. You get so much feedback from people and you don’t know where to take the brand. But I think these challenges are just part of running a startup. It’s not easy to create a brand and it’s good to let the brand grow naturally.

Project M: What advice would you share with those thinking about creating a business?
Emilie Le: I would give them three pieces of advice. Firstly, ask yourself if the business is adding value to people? Is it solving a problem? If there’s no demand for it, it would be really hard to establish a business there.

Secondly, do you have the skills to actually pull it off?  If you had to run the business all by yourself, are you self-reliant enough to run the whole show on your own?

Thirdly, are you choosing a business that you are really, really passionate about? Startup life is really challenging and you’ll face a lot of setbacks and barriers. That’s why you need to be really passionate about your business otherwise you will want to quit.

I think once you have these three things, you’ll be able to have a really successful business because your business solves a problem, you love what you do and you have the right skill set to pull it off.

Learn more about the brand and discover the Starter Kit: https://luckyfaceshop.com/ 

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