Entrepreneurial Lessons: Hasna Kourda, Founder of Save Your Wardrobe

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How many times have you looked at your wardrobe in the morning and repeated: “I have nothing to wear”, despite having tons of clothes? Willing to end this dilemma for good, Hasna Kourda created Save Your Wardrobe, an app to manage and make the most of it. Here she tells us about the other benefits of digitally organizing your outfits, how to differentiate your product and the importance of being resilient to deal with the challenges of a startup.

Project M: What motivated you to create Save Your Wardrobe?
Hasna Kourda: It’s frustrating to wake up in the morning thinking about your outfit when you have already a stressful day ahead. We waste nearly one year of our lives trying to answer the question: What should I wear today? Ending up only wearing 20% of our wardrobe. The reason for that is we get bored, we lack inspiration, it doesn’t fit anymore, it’s damaged or we think it’s too old and not trendy. Save Your Wardrobe mission is to help you make the most of it. We are the first to provide a wardrobe management app with an ecosystem of services as a way of extending and upcycling fashion products.

Project M: What are the biggest challenges you have faced so far?
Hasna Kourda: Storytelling was our biggest challenge when we started pitching the idea of Save Your Wardrobe. It was nice when people compared us to the movie “Clueless” or to a personal stylist but we are actually much more than that. We want to promote through the app a healthier relationship to our clothes. What makes us different is also our approach. Fashion is part of our identity and we want to convey the right feelings and emotions through the app.

Project M: What advice would you give to those thinking about creating a business?
Hasna Kourda: Fall in love with the problem and not with the solution. It is very important to know by heart which pain point you are trying to solve. Conduct market survey, customer interviews and find out if there is a right market fit for your product or service. Don’t rely on your hypothesis, make sure you test and validate them. The more you know about the industry you are working on, the more value you will be able to create.

Resilience is also a key asset to face the ups-and-downs of running a startup as a founder. It is a very hard and emotional journey. If you are passionate about what you are doing, you will find the resources to carry on. Then I would say networking and surrounding yourself with the right people that would help you open opportunities.

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