How to Create a Brand? Step 7 – Branding

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Last but not least: let’s talk about branding! There are many strategies to create the brand identity and I have posted about successful cases, following the concept of archetypes (foundation of my work as brand strategist). In a nutshell, branding is related to build, manage and differentiate a brand in order to have the client perceive it in a certain way.

A brand born with a defined, well-constructed identity will arrive in the market with confidence, establishing an effective communication with potential clients. Imagine having a compass that constantly points out to your north. That’s how the branding strategy works, always keeping you in the right direction. It can be developed in parallel to other steps of the brand creation, however, it’s better to have it done before planning the first collection. It’s also highly advisable to get help from marketing and design professionals that will work together to guide you and turn ideas into reality, as the process involves the creation of logo, lettering, tags, layouts, colour palettes, style references, tone of voice and even the potential employees desired profile. Everything must be aligned and in synch.

Branding is like a “therapy” for the company and will address essential questions such as:

  • Who I am?

What’s the brand meaning and what does it stand for? Who are the founders and how their journey has influenced the business? What are the values, the mission and the vision?

  • Where I am?

What’s my segment? Who is my target audience? How do I position myself? Who are my competitors?

  • Where do I want to go?

What are the business goals? And the strategies and actions to reach them? How do I want to be perceived in xx years?

Once these questions are cleared, it will be much simpler to define an identity and prospect the future. A mood board can be a relevant tool in the process. Make sure it is in sight, so you have a constant reminder!

Summing up, be aware of the common traps of the industry and don’t try to copy other brands only because they are successful. Of course you can use them as a reference and inspiration, but revealing your uniqueness is the ultimate goal in this oversaturated market. As I said before, don’t be afraid of innovation and disruption and, most of all, to be true to yourself. It can be a huge cliché, but never fails.

Remember that basic law of Physics? Two objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time, so go after yours!

The complete series is here:

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  1. Amazing Mirella, simplified and all in a nutshell. A reminder of and to bear in mind also. Have downloaded and stored to apply to future projects also.
    Thank you X

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