I Need a Break…

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You know when your iPhone shows the Low Power Mode sign? That’s exactly what I’m going through right now, although I wasn’t supposed to feel like this at all. About a month ago, I presented Project M for a panel of industry professionals, at London College of Fashion. I got good feedbacks, made contacts and had everything to move forward. Except that I didn’t feel like. Maybe it was a sort of exhaustion after months of preparation, a post-Brexit hangover or a sensation that things slow down during summer as everyone is away on holiday (everyone but me! L).  Beyond these factors, I now see how I needed time to think about my life and career choices. So, I made a deal with myself to put the ‘to do list’ on hold for a while…

This time off was useful to reevaluate my objectives, to better understand my professional approach, where and how I want to go and, mainly, to cut me some slack. To understand that my internal judge only sets unreal goals that ultimately undermines my self-esteem has been very important. Another point: keep remembering past situations that apparently didn’t work and think things will always be like this. Really making an effort to let it go, which leads to realize the ‘here and now’ is all that matters. Essential to be less anxious, worried and to get rid of useless negative thoughts.

Above all, I needed this break to finally see that our attitude and our willing to make it happen do make a difference. I just need to make the first move and trust. Yes, maybe the first step is the hardest, but ironically it’s the simplest. The complicated part – studying, planning, creating a project – is done, now all it takes is to open the door and go…

Ps: writing this post motivated me to share more about career challenges, especially when you choose a ‘non-conventional’ one. I’m reading some books and discovering blogs that talk about it and soon will start to better explore the issue here.

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