Stylist, a Hope for Women’s Magazines

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A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about my disappointment with Vogue and fashion magazines in general. But there are exceptions! Stylist, as you probably know, is a weekly publication about fashion, beauty, decor, travel, people and women’s issues (the same as others, in theory). Did I mention it is a pleasure to read?

With little more than 5 years of existence and an average circulation of 500.000 per edition, it is free (yes, free!) and you can find it in the main cities of England and Scotland. The target is women from 20 to 40 years old. With less than 100 pages, it is a great commuting reading (and an excuse to give your mobile a break). When I can’t get in a tube station, I download on my tablet.

Cutting to the case, what is so different about Stylist? An honest content, created for real women who deal with career, family, relationships but also love to know about the latest beauty products, fashion trends and décor tips. Not afraid of controversy, the cover stories have tackled politics, the gender gap, mental health, the decision to not have children and so on.  All subjects are part of contemporary life, regardless of background or social status. Summing up, the big difference is that Stylist doesn’t underestimate the reader’s intelligence, quite the contrary. Just look at the high end advertisers and thriving campaigns as “Reclaim Your Lunch Break”, “The Year of You”, in partnership with Clarins, and the Stylist Live event.

Oh, the magazine has crossed the Channel Tunnel and arrived in France. It’s just getting started…

Note: As I was finishing the post, found out that the digital edition is no longer available. Shame. Hope it can come back soon.

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