Vintage Time

Vintage Time: L’Oréal Exuberance

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This Vintage Time is also a request for L’Oréal to bring it back! Launched in the mid-90s, Exuberance was a colour foam mousse that lasted more or less 7 washes. It had 12 shades, was super easy to use and a simple way to experiment with hair colouring.

I tried it when I was an exchange student in California and as my hair was practically colour-virgin back then, I loved to try a different look for a few days. Now I would be thrilled to apply it to conceal growing roots and to give an extra boost of colour. Yes, I know there are some good root retouch products in the market right now, but, sadly, they are not the same… So, L’Oréal, why not bring Exuberance back?

By the way, the TV ad had a familiar face with red hair: Dr. Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo), from Grey’s Anatomy!

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