Who’s Who: Guido Palau

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Like Pat McGrath, Guido Palau has so much prestige in the industry that he also got a cartoon for the Barney’s video in partnership with Disney in 2012.  He was born in England as well, but his talent lies in the scissors department, not brushes. Along with Pat and Steven Meisel he has created powerful and iconic looks for editorials and campaigns. By looking at the pictures, you will notice that Guido is never afraid of taking risks: from classic hairdos to the most complex braid, from Playmobil wigs to giant afros, the sky is the limit for his creativity!

It all started in the early 1980s, when the young Guido attended the Vidal Sassoon School, here in London, to work with something related to the arts. After 18 months he was dismissed for an alleged lack of talent. Imagine how the ex-instructors felt seeing Guido’s name on fashion glossies a while later?

Editorials for American and Italian Vogues, photographed by David Sims and Steven Meisel usually have Guido in charge of the hair. He also signs campaigns for Prada, Louis Vuitton, Lanvin, Alexander McQueen, Mulberry… and many, many shows each season!

Besides it, there’s the role as creative director for Redken, helping develop and promoting the styling products. Want to get the looks? Click here and have fun!

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