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First of all, I’d like to say that saddens me a lot that RoC is not widely available in the UK because among all the French pharmacy brands I’ve tried, it has a special place in my heart! The products are great and never disappoint. The Sublime Energy (or Max Wrinkle Resurfacing System in the US), Minesol sunscreen (the best for oily skin and very popular in Brazil), Purif-AC gel, Multi Correxion and Complete Lift ranges are amazing!

The company was born in France, by the hands of a chemist named Jean Charles Lissarrague, in 1957. RoC is an abbreviation of Rogé Cavaillès, a pharmacy specialised in skincare where Jean used to work. His goal was to address specific skin needs with innovative and hypoallergenic formulas. RoC has been a pioneer in the use of ingredients like retinol, hexinol and technologies like bioelectricity in anti-aging products. If you have tried, it’s easy to understand the slogan “we keep our promises”.

Since 1994, the brand belongs to the Johnson & Johnson Group and has improved its presence worldwide, particularly in France and in the US, although the offer and the packaging can be very different from region to region. If you are going to either one, look for RoC products at pharmacies and drugstores or try Amazon UK or Sweetcare to have them delivered to your door. Totally worth it!

My favourites 




Minesol Antioxidant Serum FPS 30 


Hydra+ Bio Active 


Sublime Energy/Max Wrinkle Resurfacing System 


Retin-Ox Correxion Serum 


Radiance Activating Water 


Multi Correxion Lift  Anti-Gravity Daily Moisturizer SPF 30 


Body Sculpt Haute Performance 


Soleil Protexion Body Multi-Position Atomiser SPF 30

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