How to Nail a Job Interview

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So, you nailed the job hunting process and now have a few interviews scheduled. Congratulations! As the position is one step closer to be yours, it’s normal to get a little anxious before meeting a potential boss. That’s why I gathered some tips from previous experiences and some other insider information to help you make a great impression – and receive a job offer very soon.


– It seems obvious but do a lot of research about the brand. It shows how interested you are in working for the company. By the way, going to interviews is a great exercise but if you feel the position is not for you or you don’t relate with the brand, do a favour for both parts and decline or cancel it.

– Some questions are always asked, so rehearse the answers. For example, your previous experiences will be mentioned, along with the necessary skills for the role and why you want it. Other frequent question is how you overcame a difficult situation. Elaborate it highlighting the positive outcomes.

– Another no-brainer: dress well and accordingly. If you are applying for a role in a streetwear brand, don’t wear a classic suit and go for something more casual. Natural makeup, combed hair, clean shoes and a professional (not skin revealing) outfit go a long way. Always.

– Plan your journey and leave with plenty of time to arrive. It’s better to wait in a café or walk around for a few minutes than running late.


– Smile and show a positive attitude all the time. Be nice to the receptionist or anyone else that approaches you. One never knows who has decision power…

– Body language is everything! Eye contact, handshake and tone of voice are going to be taken into consideration, so even if you are nervous, take a deep breath and work at causing a good impression.

– Answer every question calmly and don’t hesitate to ask the interviewer to repeat if you didn’t understand it well. Also, manage the length of your answers, don’t over-talk as it can be really tiresome and a sign that you can’t focus.

– Remember: your interviewer wants to know how you can help the company to improve, so talk about the contributions you may give instead of just listing your accomplishments.

– In creative roles you’ll probably be asked to bring your portfolio. When showing it, explain your creative process in an orderly way. Presentations about your past work, evidencing results, are also a good idea, especially for marketing positions.

– Have questions ready to be made by the end of the meeting. They are another chance to impress and show your interest. Two are more than enough and can be about everyday responsibilities, the career paths inside the company or what kind of training is provided to employees.


– A follow-up email, thanking for the opportunity to be interviewed is polite and appreciated.

– Usually, the interviewer says in how many days/weeks you’ll receive a feedback. If you don’t, it’s ok to send an email. Just don’t be pushy!

– If you are not selected, it’s also fine to ask for feedback, so you can understand what went wrong and work on it. It’s disappointing to be let down but think that the right opportunity may be around the corner! Keep going!

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