My Burberry: My London Smell

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On my first days in London I noticed that my current fragrance, Daisy Eau so Fresh, from Marc Jacobs, was very fresh for the city weather. Since I have made a huge change in my life, I thought I needed a scent to seal this new moment. Coincidentally, Burberry had just launched My Burberry, the long awaited perfume that represents the iconic trench, with a campaign featuring Kate Moss and Cara Delevigne.

The scent was inspired by a London garden right after the rain. Romantic, isn’t? The cute bottle, with a nude gabardine ribbon and a cap just like a trench’s button is also very seductive. And if you buy the biggest size (90ml) you can engrave your initials on it! At this point, I was rather curious to try and headed to Covent Garden, to the brand beauty store. I tried and it was delicious! With all those aspirational attributes of English Heritage embedded on it, I couldn’t resist.

My authentic London scent is already part of my daily life!

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