Brands We Love: NARS

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When we think about NARS, immediately comes to mind a ton of different colours in sophisticated, minimalist packages, bold ads and cult products. But, did you know that the company started with a simple lipstick range? Back in 1994, makeup artist François Nars created the line for Barneys and it was an instant hit. Soon […]

Who’s Who: Peter Phillips

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The name Peter Phillips may not ring a bell if you aren’t a beauty expert, but you probably remember Chanel Jade and Particulière nail polishes, don’t you? Well, Peter was the responsible for creating the colours that changed the market forever, but long before that, he was working his brushes in a very particular way. […]

Who’s Who: Lisa Eldridge

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If you have not watched one of Lisa Eldridge’s tutorials (really?), prepare to get addicted! I’m obsessed with her videos not only because of the impeccable techniques, but for the super clean white backdrop, her calm demeanour and 0 affection to speak and explain every trick in simple, versatile and possible leaks… Ahhhh!!! By now, […]